The 12-Acre Classroom

12-Acre Trails and Restoration Project

Stewarding our Land and Preparing our Outdoor Environment

Cedar River Montessori School’s campus has been loved by generations of students – from the beloved “Spirit Tree” to hearing the Pacific Treefrog chorus each spring to raising salmon from egg to fry for release into the Cedar River, our land is a foundational part of our Montessori education where students learn to connect with nature.

Our Plans

With the 12-Acre Trails and Forest Restoration Project, we will be building trails and small group lesson spaces into our forest and wetlands, providing a new framework for our students to connect with nature on our unique campus! We are undertaking a complex environmental restoration project, as we remove invasive plants and plant natives to improve habitat, filter and shade water, and proactively manage our land with an eye toward the next century of climate change.
Building on our Washington Stewardship Forest Plan, we are working with our project partners at EarthCorps and King Conservation District to make this project a reality as we take an active stewardship role in our forest health. And, most importantly, we are providing excellent nature-based experiential learning for our current students, and generations of students to come as we extend Montessori education out of the classrooms.