A Cedar River Education

Montessori education is designed to support the social, emotional, and academic needs of the child at each developmental stage as they grow – it is a fundamentally different pedagogy than conventional education.
Throughout all of our programs, from early childhood through lower and upper elementary and into middle school, education at Cedar River Montessori is inquiry-based as students explore their own curiosities and learn to think for themselves.
Montessori students develop intrinsic motivation as they pursue curiosity until they reach self-realized mastery. A Cedar River education is active and experiential, inviting students to continuously engage in their work. Education at Cedar River is individualized for each student, free of the assumption that students are to be engaged in a particular lesson in order to meet the schedule and demands of standardized testing.
Montessori education is structured to support freedom within limits, because intentional scaffolding allows students to practice independence in an environment where mistakes are opportunities for growth.