About Us

Guiding Principles and Mission

Our Mission

Cedar River Montessori School fosters the innate curiosity of the child, presenting learning experiences that cultivate independent, creative thinkers who continuously build their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We live our mission statement at all levels of our organization – from the classroom to the boardroom. The adults in our community live the mission statement as well; each member of our community should be able to switch the word “child” with “staff member,” “teacher,” “administrator,” or “Board member.” Adults in the Cedar River community are open-minded, curious people who think independently and creatively. These personal characteristics are fundamental to fostering a creative and collaborative school environment and healthy workplace where the adults model these characteristics in daily interactions with each other and with the students.
Together as a community, living our mission daily prepares us to realize our vision.

Our Vision

Cedar River Montessori School is shaping the future by educating the next generation of connected, engaged, global thinkers who compassionately challenge the status quo.

Our Values