Grades 7 and 8

Our Graduates

Our eighth graders graduate as self-reliant problem solvers, knowing that when they have a question, they can independently seek an answer. They are rarely frustrated when they make a mistake, instead using it as an opportunity to grow and challenge themselves. As Cedar River Montessori 7th and 8th grade students, they own their community here—they care for their classroom and outdoor environment, they practice daily grace and empathy with themselves, with their peers and with the younger students, and they understand their roles and responsibilities, recognizing the needs of others and balancing them with the needs of oneself. They graduate knowing how to advocate for themselves and, as confident young adults, they are ready to take on the new and exciting world of high school!
Our graduates go on to attend both public and private high schools in the area, such as Hazen, Lindbergh, Renton, Tahoma, Kentridge, Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Hillside Student Community, Seattle Preparatory, Kennedy Catholic, and Renton Preparatory Christian School. Many of our graduates go on to participate in Washington State’s Running Start program, taking college courses in grades 11 and 12.