Cedar River Montessori School fosters the innate curiosity of the child, presenting learning experiences that cultivate independent, creative thinkers who continuously build their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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  • Farm Conservation in Action

    We steward the health of our animals, water, and pastures through our Farm Conservation Plan.
  • Accredited Montessori Education in South King County

    Serving ages 3 through grade 8, Cedar River Montessori is the only American Montessori Society-Accredited Montessori school in the Seattle metro area south of I-90.
  • Our campus is a Washington State Stewardship Forest

    Students make transformative connections with the natural world in our 12-acre classroom. Learn more about our 12-Acre Trails and Forest Restoration Project.

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  • Sharing and Autonomy in Young Children

    by Matt Bronsil, Montessori Cool Things (FB page)

    Someone in another group mentioned they have 3 children: 1, 3, and 6. Said she is having trouble with her children sharing with and respecting another 3-year-old that lives in the space. I typed this reply:
    I wonder what the conversations about sharing and kindness are. I am not saying you are definitely doing this, but I hear it a lot. So if this doesn’t help you, it might help someone else here.
    Imagine a neighbor comes over and says, “You know. I want to get to Mexico this week. Can I use your credit card and car?” You would, I am guessing, say no. If not, have any vacancies for rent? I could sure use a neighbor like you. 😉At the same time, if your neighbor came over and said, “Man. My wife is in the bathroom. We just found out we are out of toilet paper. Can we borrow a roll and we’ll get you back tomorrow?” you would probably help out.
    The point is this: even adults have limits of what we share and don’t. But as adults, we think children sharing means they share everything. That is because we do not see their toys in the same way we see our own possessions. But they do. We often say children cannot touch our stuff, but we often tell children they have to let anyone use their things. Because of this…
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Admissions Events

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  • Nov

    Autumn Open House

    Come learn all about Cedar River Montessori, meet our teachers, ask our parents questions, and get your 2023-2024 admissions questions answered!

    If you are planning to apply for 2023-2024, we recommend attending one of our open houses in addition to your (required) virtual campus tour.

  • Jan

    Middle School Information Night

    Rising and prospective parents and students are invited to join our Middle School teachers to learn all about the Middle School student experience at Cedar River Montessori!

  • Jan

    Upper Elementary Information Night

    Parents of rising and prospective Upper Elementary (grades 4-6) students are welcome to join our Upper Elementary Information Night! Come meet the upper elementary staff and learn all about upper elementary student experiences at Cedar River Montessori!

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